Discover the inspiring testimonies of professors Brice Dattée, Clément Levallois, and student Jinyang Hu, as they delve into the heart of emlyon business school's MSc in Strategy & Consulting. Discover the fusion of academic expertise and pedagogical innovation that shapes the future leaders of Consulting & Strategy.

Brice Dattée - Professor of Strategy & Consulting

Brice Dattee, emlyon business school

Brice Dattée, Professor of Strategy & Consulting, emphasizes the vital interaction between research and teaching: "I think that as emlyon business school faculty, all professors draw extensively on the latest research to structure their courses. We also reflect on the boundary conditions that are crucial for the appropriateness of normative recommendations from strategy consultants.”


In his course "Strategy and Modeling," he encourages students to take a systematic approach to solving complex business problems, by integrating the latest research advancements in the field.


I teach a course entitled “Strategy and Modeling” which I designed to provide students with a systematic approach to solving complex business problems. The methodology provided by this course helps to identify certain patterns, avoid common cognitive pitfalls, evaluate strategic proposals, and gain the support of decision makers.


Brice Dattée, highlights the innovative pedagogical methods used in the MSc in Strategy & Consulting program. "In my course," Brice notes, "I have adopted a research seminar format, which is unusual for an MSc course. The course is based on extensive reading of research articles that explain the application of modeling to many business situations." This approach not only enriches students' understanding of strategic management but also cultivates critical thinking skills by exposing them to real-world research and its implications in the field of consulting.

Clément Levallois - Associate Professor of Strategy & Consulting

Clément Levallois, emlyon business school

Clément Levallois, Associate Professor of Strategy & Consulting, is committed to enhancing the innovative teaching methodologies incorporated into the MSc in Strategy & Consulting program. He explains, "I have just added a chapter to my course where I ask students to solve a business problem by using generative AI solutions, such as MidJourney and ChatGPT. They have to come up with a relevant business proposal and produce accompanying text and visuals, all in a very short period of time. The goal of this chapter is to introduce these new tools in generative AI and to push students to use them in concrete business scenarios – which I grade as an assignment."


He delves into the curriculum of the MSc in Strategy & Consulting, particularly focusing on the course "Data as a Competitive Advantage". He explains, "The learning objective of this course is to give students a sense of the relevance of digital technologies in their future consulting work. Many of the companies they will support are trying to go through stages of digital transformation: how to use data, AI, and other digital technologies to better serve their customers, improve their operations and differentiate themselves from their competitors. This course provides them with all the prerequisites to understand the technical aspects of their mission and to contribute solutions at the interface between IT resources and business logic."


Clément Levallois, says "I want the students to feel confident that they can understand, discuss, and apply advanced technical concepts at the service of business needs. I am particularly happy when I see that confidence grow and flourish, which is especially evident when students engage in discussions and ask interesting questions during my lectures."

Jinyang Hu - Student in Strategy & Consulting

Jinyang Hu, emlyon business school

Jinyang Hu is originally from China and moved to Canada at the age of 15. He holds a diploma in Business Administration from Red River College and an Honours Degree in Business Administration from the University of Manitoba. Before joining emlyon's MSc in Strategy & Consulting program, he gained four years of experience in hospitality, retail, education, and finance sectors.


Jinyang explains his decision to join emlyon business school's MSc in Strategy & Consulting. "My decision to attend emlyon business school was driven by three key factors. First, I was attracted by the School's outstanding reputation and its triple accreditation, which places it among the most prestigious business schools in the world. Second, I aspire to become a consultant, and I believe that my natural inclinations toward problem-solving, adaptability, and diligence are perfectly suited to the demands of this profession. Third, I was intrigued by the opportunity to learn French while immersing myself in the vibrant city of Paris.


Reflecting on the strengths and opportunities of the program, Jinyang observes, "The strengths of the MSc in Strategy & Consulting program at emlyon business school include the diversity of its students and its rigorous workload. Working with individuals from different backgrounds and perspectives fosters a collaborative and inclusive learning environment that mimics the challenges and opportunities of the corporate world. The rigorous nature of the program prepares students for the fast-paced and demanding environment of consulting."


When discussing his goals for both his academic and professional future, Jinyang outlines his career trajectory in consulting, stating, "My goal is to quickly rise through the consulting ranks, transitioning from an intern to a seasoned Senior consultant within a 3–5-year timeframe. After that, I envision a career in the dynamic world of venture capital, where I can use my analytical acumen and entrepreneurial spirit to identify and support promising startups."


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