Meet Benjamin, a 25-year-old French student enrolled in the MSc in Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship at emlyon business school. Today, he shares his insights and experiences from his academic journeys to Lyon (France), Oulu (Finland) and Hanoi (Vietnam). He will delve into his motivations, challenges, and knowledge encounters within the program.

Why Benjamin chose the MSc in Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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Benjamin was drawn to the MSc in Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship program at emlyon business school in the city of Lyon by his passion for exploring new cultures and innovative business practices. Throughout his journey, Benjamin encountered various challenges, but he remained focused on tasks that aligned with his passions and ideas. Reflecting on his experiences, he says, "Throughout my experiences, the only ones that resonated with me were the ones where my tasks were strongly driven by passion and ideas, where the goal of the activity was to bring ideas to life, to engage people and stakeholders around those ideas, and to figure out how to navigate when things don’t go the way you planned."

Exploring the International Learning Environment

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Benjamin's journey continued in Finland. He shares, "Finland is a different environment for learning, growing, connecting with people and engaging in global communities . What surprised me the most was the openness to new, unusual, or unorthodox ideas and practices. I didn’t feel any aversion to risk and change, but rather a deep and comforting interest in what makes life better. According to Finnish standards, better is ‘smooth and simple’. Finland created the environment for me to embrace my creativity and curiosity by engaging in innovative projects with internationals."
In the Finnish city of Oulu, Benjamin deepened his understanding of simplicity and efficiency and broadened his cultural awareness. "In Oulu, I understood how to do things simply and smoothly and increased my cultural awareness. I engaged in cross-cultural communities that fostered positivity and proactivity with a great openness to new ideas. I embraced my identity, values, and beliefs so that they resonated with my life choices: Finnish culture places purpose and ethics at the core of society. This journey showed me that people can resonate with my ideas and get involved.".

Skills developed for a successful career in innovation

Benjamin's time at Oulu Business School helped him develop crucial personal and professional skills. "I developed trust, confidence, maturity, responsibility and patience. I learned to communicate effectively in teams, especially in cross-cultural settings, and improved my time management and project management skills. I’m now more comfortable with vulnerability, actively seeking feedback, and communicating openly and intentionally."


Benjamin plans to use these skills in multiple ways: "I plan to use these skills in a variety of ways: designing educational products and treasure hunts, leading marketing campaigns, and managing culturally diverse teams. I want to build my career on the ability to 'think globally, act locally'; it allows me to navigate complex international business environments and drive meaningful entrepreneurial ventures."

Benjamin's Future Prospects: Commitment to Global Impact and Entrepreneurship

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Looking beyond the program, Benjamin remains committed to global engagement and community building. "After the program, I intend to maintain a mindset of continuous engagement and connection with people around the world. I’m committed to participating in and contributing to global communities, fostering a positive mindset, and building networks of like-minded individuals.".


The insights and experiences gained from the program will shape Benjamin's future decisions. "The insights and experiences from this program will guide my life choices, and ensure that I pursue paths that are not only feasible and sustainable but also deeply aligned with my personal values. I will adopt a proactive and engaged attitude and take strong, actionable steps in both my personal and professional life. This includes a commitment to lifelong learning, continuous improvement, and the creation of viable and impactful solutions.".

Core Strengths of the MSc in Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Benjamin highlights three core strengths of the MSc in Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship program: growth, grit, and guidance. "This Master of Science program excels in three core areas: growth, grit, and leadership. The program is designed to foster personal and professional growth through intense challenges and a supportive learning environment. Grit is cultivated through continuous exposure to demanding scenarios that require perseverance and resilience. Faculty, speakers, and inspiring peers provide guidance and influence, to support the learning journey. This combination enhances business understanding and develops the soft skills necessary to thrive in diverse environments.".


He also highlights the program's emphasis on maintaining momentum in projects:"The program also emphasized the importance of momentum, learning to seize and maintain dynamic project progress.".


In conclusion, Benjamin's experience in the MSc in Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship program at emlyon business school has had a profound impact on his personal and professional development. From embracing cultural diversity in Lyon (France), Oulu (Finland) and Hanoi (Vietnam) to honing essential skills and making valuable connections, the program has equipped him with the tools to navigate and thrive in the global business landscape. Benjamin's journey exemplifies the transformative power of combining passion, resilience, and a global perspective.