Admission into the Bachelor of Science Data Science for Responsible Business

Are you eligible for the BSc Data Science for responsible ?

Students holding, or soon to hold, a French Baccalaureat or international equivalent with a specialty in Mathematics and Science. It is possible to validate this diploma by blocks of competencies.

This program is eligible for VAE (APEL : accreditation of prior experiential learning), find all the information on

You are eligible for our program, apply!

Selection for the BSc Data Science for responsible business is competitive, and follow a full online admission process.

You are first evaluated on the content and quality of your High School course work, your grades, your English proficiency. After successfully submitting your application online, you will then take an online admission test.

Create an account or go to your dashboard to start your application file.

Selection sessions for the academic year 2023-2024 are organized from mid-october 2022 to August 2023 (subject to availability).

Step 1: Your application file

Mandatory documents (all the documents provided need to be in English or French - except passport and identity card):

  • A resume
  • A copy of an official valid identity card or passport
  • A certified copy of your most recent academic degree
  • A proof of enrolment statement for applicants currently enrolled in higher education
  • A certified copy of your transcripts from the first year of high school until now

Step 2: Your digital test and online interview

Part 1: cognitive test
You have to solve a series of logic reasoning tests (for instance, domino test).

Part 2: mathematics test
You have 30 minutes to answer as many math questions as possible (for instance, primitive or derivative computations, limit of a sequence, extrema of a function, polinomial roots, probability and number theory puzzles, etc. )

Part 3 : deferred video interview
This is a distant interview. You are filmed while answering questions displayed on your screen. You have 15 seconds to read each question and a limited time is set for each answer.

Application Fees


  • Students with a French CROUS grant are exempted of the application fee if they provide the final notice of allocation of this grant for the current academic year.
  • High Level Athletes are also exempted of the application fees if they provide a sport resume validated by the director of the Sports department. If this is your case, please contact Mr Mickaël ROMEZY:

Admission Results

The admissions board will review your application and your digital tests. You will receive an email as soon as possible to inform you that your results are available on your makersboard.

You are temporarily or permanently disabled, or with a disabling medical condition?

The Disability Unit can provide customized support in strict compliance with confidentiality, and can:

  • Take into account your specific needs and make sure that your years at emlyon business school go as smoothly as possible, and that you are integrated to the student life
  • Provide specific arrangements and resolve your access issues via the implementation of an individualized pedagogical follow-up
  • Act as the interface with all other school departments
  • Guide you through your administrative and pedagogical procedures
  • In case we are unable to provide the specific arrangements you may need, we can follow through with external partners to find solutions to level out your disability


Download the Welcome Guide Disability


Our team is available at the following email address: