Careers in Sports Industry Management

Career Center

As a student of the MSc in Sports Industry Management, you will benefit from a dedicated career track which will include workshops, expert panels, fairs, events, company visits, etc.

The Career Center provides continual support in identifying career goals and developing action plans. Program-specific careers services include:

  • Workshops:  Career workshops help you prepare for your internship search and future career.

  • 1-to-1 coaching: Self-assessment tools and individual coaching hours provide you with the opportunity to prepare your next move.

  • Career booster: After graduation, students have access to a 3-year career booster with our Career Services Department to help them make the first important decisions in their career.

  • Tools: Our wide range of career tools (including Jobteaser) help you find out more information on partner companies and sector specific resources, including databases with internship and job offers.

  • Events: Over 30 events and conferences are organized every year by our Career Services Department to help our students network with prospective companies in all types of sectors and job prospects.

  • Links with companies: Over 200 companies visit emlyon business school campuses each year and provide students with continuous access to the business community.


  • 41,700 alumni in 130 countries
  • 2,200 companies recruiting our students worldwide
  • 2nd in France Employability University Ranking 2022 (Times Higher Education)
  • 98% employment rate within 6 months after the end of the MSc in Sports Industry Management

Find out how to choose the job you want in the sports industry

The MSc in Sports Industry Management prepares you for management careers within those companies active in sports and outdoor related industries.

Examples of diverse job descriptions may be found below in order to give better insight into what careers are offered in these sectors:

  • Event organization: Sports events organizers hold a great amount of hands-on responsibility whether working for event management institutions, in-house for a company or freelance contracts.
  • Sports product marketing: Sports product marketing requires employees to have a connection with consumers and other various sports audiences. Product marketing actions may take place through sponsorships, corporate events, various advertising techniques, product promotion through players, and much more.
  • Sports retailing: An employee working in sports retailing assists in promoting brand value while directly working with sporting goods and retailing to the consumer.
  • Brand management: Sports brand management comprises itself of distinguishing sports names and symbols, giving the brand value amongst clients. Employees within this field oversee creation and management of brand loyalty amongst sports products, logos, or teams and their consumers.
  • Sports agent: Careers require a wide range of management skills such as knowledge of finance, business management, financial and risk analysis, communication and negotiation skills, and not to mention, sports.
  • Merchandising: When working in sports merchandising, employees contribute to the sale of products to the retail consumer.

Graduate employment results

  • Net employment rate at 3 months : 84%
  • 59% of students found a job before graduation
  • 40.5% work outside their home country
  • Average starting salary: €45K

Survey carried out in 2023. Concerns class of 2022.

Where do our students end up?

Various positions held:

  • Sales: 33.3%
  • Marketing: 23.8%
  • Communication, Advertising: 7.1%
  • IT: 4.8%
  • Consultant: 4.8%
  • Purchasing, supply chain: 2.4%

In Various Sectors as Sport, Information and Communication technology, Finance and Insurance, Communications Agencies, Audiovisual publishing and Broadcasting, etc.


  • NIKE
  • PARIS 2024
  • HOKA

Survey carried out in 2023. Concerns class of 2022.

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Alumni network

As a future graduate, you will hold lifelong membership of emlyon business school alumni network, a network of near to 41,700 alumni covering more than 130 countries.


You will benefit from all services it offers, including the online assessment modules. Its members will help you further develop your career regardless of which stage you are at, by providing you with career development information, exchange business information with you and share their experience for you to build on.