Double Degree

Get a double degree from emlyon business school and your institution

Students from partner institutions follow the Master in Management according to the existing agreements between their home institution and emlyon business school. The individual study program/schedule is established in collaboration with emlyon business school, prior to arrival.


The degree requirements (*) are :

  • To validate specific courses and/or elective courses
  • A 6 month-internship outside the home country
  • A final Master's Dissertation
  • A written and oral presentation of your personal project


(*) Your double degree curriculum might include specific requirements. Please verify them beforehand.


Additional registration for internship:

In accordance with French regulations, should your internship go beyond 30 September 2024, you will be required to re-register for the academic year 2024/2025. In such a case, registration fees will not need to be paid. In addition, proof of medical insurance for the academic years when you study at emlyon business school will have to be provided, or proof of membership of the National Social Security System supplied. Also a third part liability insurance (or AXA insurance at emlyon business school) will have to be taken out.


Find out more about the course details by browsing through the Program section.