Welcome to emlyon business school!

Public ciblé

Students holding a minimum of a Bachelor degree from an emlyon partner university

Obtain the ECTS needed for your home institution's degree program

1 semester: Fall Semester, Spring Semester or Summer Session

Langues d'enseignement
Taught in French & English
Lieux d'enseignement
Delivered on Lyon campus

Attend the MSc in Management as an exchange student


As a student at one of emlyon business school's 181 international academic partners that has chosen to spend part of his / her studies at our institution, we look forward to welcoming you in France!

Choose you academic period

Coming to emlyon business school for an academic exchange grants you the status of Exchange Students. You can choose the period that matches the best your ambitions: Fall Semester, Spring Semester or Summer Session.

Get credits recognized by you home institution

The grades received from the MSc in Management courses allow you to obtain the credits needed for your home institution's degree program (credit transfer system).

Contact our students

Visit the dedicated website connect.em-lyon.com and get in touch with emlyon students prior to your arrival in France

Contact us for any enquiries

Do not hesitate to contact our team, if you have any further question about your exchange at emlyon business school